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Nativities are primarily about figures. But they commonly feature a model of the stable. A completely unrealistic stylisied quasi-medieval version of a stable.

This is mine. With figures from Santons Fouque of Aix-en-Provence, who we visited last summer. Both the Provence and Italy have long traditions of nativity villages. The Provence tradition began during the French Revolution. The holy family and the shepherds are of course central but the village scene goes much wider than this with a range of charecters from everyday life. The 'santons' are the clay figurines made in Provence. Some explanation can be found in the Notre Provence site. A long tradition but very different from the German and US style of winter villages.

The roofing was a plastic sheet which (I think) came many years ago from Model Builders Supply of Ontario. I suspect it was sold as 1/24 scale, so a little bit big for the (nominally 40 mm) figures which are around 1/43 scale). But I'm reasonably happy with the effect. Looking at the photo I think I should have detailed the front edge of the tiles a bit more. And weathered it. Maybe I will modify it once it comes off the Christmas display table - or when it comes out of the box next December. Or maybe not! The walls are two different downloaded Scalescenes textures printed onto canvas photo-paper. I like the fact that it is not a completely smooth surface. The floor is sawdust. The paint is nothing fancy - tester pots of emulsion.

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David, 3 January 2020