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Philip Laureston

There is so much about miniatures out there on the web. I was looking recently on one of the second hand trading sites and saw some model buildings that looked nice. Not complete models but a bit more than just facades. Digging a bit brought me to Brian Wild's site, dedicated to the work of Philip Laureston. What you see below is lifted almost exclusivly from Brian's site - with his permission. Thank you. There is a lot more detail on his comprehensive study of this particular workshop.

Part of a 1988 catalogue

In 1973 Philip Laureston began working under the trading name of Philip Laureston designs. Before that he had been operating, as the Lauriana Studio. His earlier work was of animal figurines. His miniature buildings, with which we are concerned, were first added to his range in 1979. In 1987 Philip took over Babbacombe Pottery, an established business in Torquay and began focusing its business on giftware items rather than kitchenware. He remained there until 1996 when the business was sold.

Apparently where it all began. Model 1, the Mill,
later renumbered as 701

There were 3 main ranges of models plus some individual pieces outside the main series. The 700 series was basically generic cottages and pubs. The 800 series were generally larger and more elaborate buildings and the 900 series are mostly models of specific buildings. Pubs feature prominently

Brian's site provides a separate page with illustrations for each model and I cannot hope to duplicate all that. Here are just a few examples to whet your appetite.

Model 737, the Princess of Wales pub & 732, the Manor

Model 864, the Waterman's Arms & 874, the Anchor

Model 901, Portmeirion Campanile & 874, the Old Bushmills Distillery, an unusual piece without a flat back

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David, March 2020