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Some thoughts on building models of all types and sizes

Some thoughts on building models of all types and sizes

Welcome. If you have not visited Minature Buildings before can I suggest you begin with my Aims and Scope article or at the Home Page. If you have visited before - welcome back. I hope this article is of interest to you.


If the Chateau at Fontainbleu, just south of Paris, is not on your bucket list (and you are interested in buildings) maybe it should be.  We went there in early summer 2023.   It is big, impressive, and like so many any grand palaces and chateaux a bit overwhelming.  So much richness is hard to take in during one short visit.  After a while you walk into a room, say "wow" for the tenth time and are lost as to what to do with the information pouring in through your eyes.

Enough of the tourism guide.  We are about model buildings and there is such a model just inside the gates of the front courtyard.  Even before you get to the ticket office. It sits outside in all weathers and is of the style more familiar as town models. (Which are the topic of another article.)

No model, and certainly not one at this scale, can hope to do justice to the detail of the building. What it can, and does, do is to give a sense of the scale of the building and how the elements fit together. Something which walking around the site simply cannot do.

I would love to be able to tell you more about the model but it was late in the day and we were just leaving before we saw it. Hopefully my enquiry of the chateau staff will get more information for me to share with you.   In the meantime a couple of pieces of detail:

The Porte D'Orée and the Horseshoe staircase

The Porte D'Orée

The Horseshoe staircase

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David, August 2023