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Bronze Town

A number of towns feature a model somewhere cast in bronze (or something similar) showing the layout and key buildings of their town. A longer article about this sort of model is forming in my mind but for now I'm just sharing one that caught my eye during our autumn 19 travels,

This one is from Split in Croatia. It features the Roman palace of Diocletian. It is not especially detailed but gives a good feeling for the town layout.

The low octagonal tower in the centre of the picture is the tomb of Roman Emperor Diocletian who built the city as his retirement home! According to our guide he was the only emperor who ever abdicated - possibly as a defensive strategy against being assassinated. The taller tower is part of a later cathedral built over the top of the tomb - a fitting comeback apparently to an emperor renowned for his persecution of Christians.

I'm afraid I know nothing of the model maker or its history. If you do, please let us know by e-mailing Miniature Buildings.  This is the address for any correspondence about this or any other article.

I left Split in two minds. On one hand it seems to be a remarkable example of a surviving roman town with plenty of old walls, rooms and some dramatic cellars and a street plan with links back to the original. But on the other it is very unclear how much is actually surviving historic building and how much is a recreation from the 20th century as a platform for an aggressive tourist industry.

This is one of a series of blog posts from our Autumn 2019 travels.

David, November 2019
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