Miniature Buildings
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Miniature Buildings

The Author

This is me.  David.  Or at least the me I used to be before I retired. Now my suits and ties and formal shirts are all languishing in the wardrobe. Lucky me. I'm sure the good people of Epson are managing fine without me.

A grand project, never fully finished
To be reworked for grandchilden?

I would love to be a great modeller of buildings. But I'm not. Any more than I'm a builder of real buildings. I was a DIY dabbler when I was younger and I've tried my hand at a few model buildings over the years . A couple of dolls houses, some model railway scenery, a couple of stand alone buildings. But I have no great talent for it. And too little stamina. Somehow they never get finished.

But I love miniature buildings. Whenever I see one, in whatever context, I stop and look and as often as not photograph them. I can spend hours randomly surfing for pictures and information. Constantly distracted and travelling down the byways following my nose. Just as we like to do on the road. And I like writing about them and discovering how to present my thoughts on the web.

Casa di Loreto

Some of the things that catch my eye are the conventional - railway buildings, dolls houses, souvenirs. Some are a bit more esoteric, spotted on our travels around Europe. Like the piece featured in 'Loreto'.

For more on what I'm trying to do, take a look at my Aims and Scope article. Or just browse your way around the site.

If my musings and pictures are of interest to you, that's great. Either way I'm having fun. If you do want to get in touch with any thoughts, please do drop me an e-mail.

David Brush
December 2019