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Archive: The Forth Hotel

This article was published in edition 18 of the Model Railway Journal in 2009. If you don't know this publication, it is rather different from the regular modelling mags. More scholarly. And this article illustrated only in black and white.

Finished, but still to be painted

The Forth Hotel by Don Rowland. Built to Scalefour standards. Scalefour is a railway modelling scale of 4mm/ft (1:76.2), differing from OO in that it promotes and encourages the use of fine scale standards with a particular emphasis on the use of scale wheels and track.

His Forth hotel article is very serious, focused especially on the process of researching and designing the prototype and model rather than detail on modelling techniques.

Work in progress

Work in progres

Don Rowland is clearly a veteran modeller. I found a passing reference to him in the rmweb forum ( a place for serious discussion of railway modelling that I keep finding little nuggets in). In 2013 reference was made to him being "slightly frail but charming as ever" and to his "writings of 40 years ago .... still of interest and use". His approach suggests a background in technical drawing and model engineering rataher than my own make it up as you go along crude carpentry approach. An inspirational piece of writing and modelling.

Enjoy the article: The Forth Hotel by Don Rowland.

In all its glory

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David, March 2020