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Christmas 2019

New in the tree

New in the tree

Christmas is a comin'.

Sinterklaas 2019 has been and gone.

The tree went up today. And lots of the other bits that fill the room each year. The wreath is on the door and the Christmas music CDs are out of the box.

Yes, us old folk still have CDs. And DVDs of films. Including, of course, the Grinch.

Not that I'm anti Christmas of course. Perish the thought. So much of it I love. Like the food - the cake is made and being fed the puddings are bought and the turkey is ordered.

And the music. Phil Spector's Christmas Album has had its first play and my ears have spotted the blessed Mariah in the shops. Though no Salvation Army carols have made my way yet. And the tree of course. It's just...that the inner Scrooge and Grinch are hidden in there somewhere.

Our latest little nativity; Alabaster from Volterra and this year's tree

Our latest little nativity; Alabaster from Volterra

and this year's tree

Part 2 - a month later

It has been and gone. I had two Christmas dinners this year. The first just before at Hilary and Anthony's with Pippa, Dean, Laura and Henry. Barbara had to stay in the Netherlands unfortunatly. Thank you H&A for the lovely dinner and everyone for our presents.

The day itself was at David & Iris's, though we cooked. The full English turkey and pudding experience. Though I say it myself, it wasn't at all bad. Maybe the best turkey I have ever done.

Santons from Aix-en-Provence and stable by me

In addition to the tiny alabaster nativity we bought in Italy, I had bought some lovely little Santon figures from a workshop in Aix en Provence and made a little lean-to stable to put them in. There is more on this in a Miniature Buildings article. The Provencal tradition of having figures outside the core set of nativity characters is reflected in the Provencal lady and the knife grinder. The knife grinder is a nostalgic gesture to the figurine brought back by Dad so many decades ago (and still sitting on my bookshelf).

Santons from Aix-en-Provence and stable by me

8 December 2019
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