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Sinterklaas 2019

5th December in the Netherlands means Sinterklaas. Although St Nicholas's day is 6th December he visits on the evening before. And that is when most celebrations take place.

But this year the van Weel/de Vos gathering was on Saturday 30th November.   At Remco & Annette's of course.  That is the tradition.

There were nine adults and four children this year. Noor age 9, Hanna 4, Felice 2, and Hugo 1. With one on the way.

Before dinner

The Sint arrived around 4 with a huge banging on the door. The children did rush to see but, disappointingly, he and Piet had already disappeared. Leaving sacks of presents to be devoured in a frenzy of paper ripping.

Scenes before dinner :

Lots of lovely gifts from the Sint of course - including (unsurprisingly) much featuring Frozen. Hanna is as hooked on this as half the young children in the world - if the shops are anything to go by.

Then we ate and did poems and gifts for the grown-ups.

Around the table at 15 Ieplaan
Annette, Remco, Madelon, Eduard, Hanna, Noor, Javed, Barbara, David, David, Felice, Iris
(Hugo upstairs in bed)

1 December 2019
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