Brushing about

Our new motorhome

Following our extended camping trip last year, we have made the significant decision to go ahead and buy ourselves a motorhome. This is the first photo of it.

Barbara in front of our new van

We are hoping to get delivery of it next Tuesday but we are not sure yet. Once the workshop have finished putting a couple of extras on it and giving it a pre-delivery check and valet. The UK import paperwork is now done. LK 69 EYR. We have bought from the Netherlands as we wanted left hand drive since most of our long journeys will be in mainland Europe.

Or simply 'Europe' now that crazy Boris is going to get his way. Like more than half of those in our constituency, we voted for a remain candidate but the first past the post system (and stubborn failure to withdraw by candidtes who could never win) let a carpet bagging Tory from outside the constituency in.

David, 1 December 2019
updated 7/1/20